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The Nothing Beats Action team have developed a wide range of training workshops and programs to accelerate the results possible for you and your business.
We have training packages specifically designed to help you:
  • Dramatically boost your sales and revenue
  • Increase team performance levels & results
  • Become a MASTER influencer and communicator
  • Operate at your true peak potential (finally!)
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Instant Impact Sales Workshop Series
Sharon Byrne leads personalised, in-house sales acceleration training days for firms, consultancies and serviced-based businesses that want to gain maximum momentum and receive solutions tailored for their business. There is nothing that compares to experiencing Sharon Byrne LIVE in your business… the results (and testimonials!) speak for themselves.
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Extended Disc Training Packages
The Nothing Beats Action team provides a range of Extended Disc profiling and training packages suitable for individuals and entire business teams. Extended Disc is now the world’s leading behavioural profiling system, helping you transform your ability to communicate, influence, negotiate, and sell.
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Leadership Training 1-day Workshops
As the perfect complement to our Sales and Communication Breakthrough Training Packages, Nothing Beats Action facilitates the following 1-day Peak Performance workshops: 

  • Leadership Power: Influence with Passion
  • Etiquette Excellence: How To Impress In The 21st Century
  • Personal Productivity & Effectiveness: Structured For Success
  • Negotiation Know-how: Achievement Strategies
Click here to learn more about these powerful training days – perfectly suited to both small-to-medium sized businesses and large corporations.
Supercharge Sales Coaching Sessions
This is a fully flexible, package of 6 X 1-hour sales coaching sessions with Sharon Byrne. This package is designed for busy professionals who want to schedule their sessions on an “as you need them” basis to suit their own learning and implementation curve. Sharon will structure each session around the strategies that will have the biggest impact on your results – specific to YOUR situation.
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Platinum Sales Breakthrough Coaching Program
This is an intensive, holistic, and fully personalised sales coaching program delivered by the Nothing Beats Action team over a 6 or 12-month program. This program is exclusively designed for proactive, ambitious individuals who want to receive a level of support and customized training guaranteed to have them achieve immediate results and transform what’s possible in their business and career FOREVER.
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Public Events – see Sharon Byrne LIVE on Stage!
Our signature 5X5 selling and communication systems are fast gaining momentum across Australia and we often share these strategies from the stage in front of a live audience. Please click here to request a booking for Sharon to speak at your event or subscribe to our blog or Facebook page for news about upcoming events in your area.
Ready for FAST Results?
READ THIS FIRST: The Nothing Beats Action team “walk the talk” and are renowned for their high-impact, hard-hitting training style. Our workshops, training and coaching programs are NOT wishy-washy, non-applicable, boring or “vanilla”!
Our participants receive what they most need to start experiencing success straight away. Sharon takes a “no prisoners” approach… that is, they’ll do whatever it takes to facilitate the breakthroughs that will make the biggest difference for you, your team, and your business (and they are experts at doing exactly that). Put simply, you’ll be pushed to succeed despite yourself – so you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!
The Nothing Beats Action team are available to discuss your situation and specific requirements, to help you make the important decision of how to move forward. But you must take action now!