Instant Impact Sales Training for Your Business…
The truth is simple.
Sales are the heartbeat and lifeline of EVERY business.
In fact, the fastest way to improve your cashflow situation, the future of your business, and your morale(!) is to boost the sales levels in your business.
However, most accountants, coaches, consultants and professional services providers are not natural salespeople. They’re usually very good at what they do (and provide enormous value for their clients) but they feel VERY uncomfortable when it comes to selling what they do and helping a prospective client take the next step!
So…Who Else Wants to Learn How to Sell “Without Selling” And Effortlessly Convert More Clients?
Discover the secrets to consultative selling that will transform 

your client relationships, your profits AND see you smiling every time!

Instant Impact Sales Workshops are designed to:
  • Boost client conversions and cashflow in your business via instantly applicable sales training and a proven consultative selling process
  • Up-skill your team so that they can be relied upon to secure new revenue in your business (and new team members will have a system to follow!)
  • Improve team communication, synergy, satisfaction and performance
  • Deliver profound human behavioural insights for you and your team that will change the way you do business and view “selling” forever!
At Nothing Beats Action, we provide in-house sales training workshops for firms, consultancies and serviced-based businesses who want to save time and money by receiving proven sales models, scripts and systems.
There is simply nothing that compares to experiencing Sharon Byrne LIVE in your business…
You’ll benefit from hard-hitting sales content, live demonstrations, interactive exercises, question & answer time plus customized sales coaching hot seat sessions!
Sharon will show you and your team the strategies that ALL of the experts are using from her personal “SALES TOOLBOX” and share with you the secret at the heart of transformative consultative selling success.
Ready to learn more?
” Selling Made Easy! “

2-Day Instant Impact Sales Workshop
At Nothing Beats Action, we design your in-house workshop experience to suit your needs, with a basic workshop series structure that we typically recommend.
The 2-day Instant Impact Sales Workshop is a complete program that can be booked on its own, or followed by / partnered with one or both of the Nothing Beats Action complementary training days:
  • Advanced Sales Applications: The “How To” and “Nuts & Bolts” of Sales
  • The Art of Influence: Extended Disc Interactive Workshop
READ THIS FIRST: When you book your 2-day Instant Impact Sales Workshop with Nothing Beats Action this year, we’ll deliver the 3rd workshop for your business FREE.
Why would we do that?
During Sharon’s years of delivering sales training solutions around Australia, she’s discovered that it’s really the THIRD day of training when the real magic happens…
You see, Nothing Beats Action’s sales constructs and applications are not like other sales training on offer in the marketplace, which means that sometimes it takes further explanation and more importantly – application – to take these strategies from zero to hero.
In Sharon’s experience, this third day of sales & communication training is invaluable and makes a massive difference to the results you’re able to achieve in your business.
Which is why we’re gifting your business this amazing bonus day value!
  (By the way – all of our industry mentors have advised us against doing this, but we just can’t help ourselves, we love to give crazy levels of value to our clients!)
You may schedule your complimentary Advanced Sales Applications or Art of Influence training day to follow your 2-day workshop as a 3-day package – OR you may schedule this bonus session for a later date in the year. Naturally, we’ll discuss this during your consultation, and decide on the structure that best suits your needs.
Here’s just a small sampling of what you’ll learn via our Sales Workshops:
  • How to create and apply a clearly defined sales process and “action steps” to proactively guide your clients through the consultation process, and how to effortlessly have them say YES!
  • Conversational sales strategies that mean you’ll NEVER face objections or feel pressure to “close” again. You’ll also learn how to break-through surface dwelling and dive deep into the heart of your clients true wants and needs.
  • The step-by-step process for creating a winning client profile pro-forma template specifically for your company – that can be used by EVERY client-facing team member.
  • What you MUST talk about when meeting a client, how to create your “Earn the right” (elevator pitch), and how to establish credibility and trust with clients.
  • A set of specific language tools and successful sales strategies for your personal “Sales Toolbox”, such as:
    • Pre-framing & opening techniques
    • Instant relationship building (how to mirror, match, and calibrate)
    • VAK communication styles (visual, audio, kinaesthetic)
    • Sharon’s Signature 5X5 Successful Selling Constructs
  • This toolbox alone is worth is worth thousands of dollars, and will be yours to keep and apply for life!

  • The secret “state” of mind that will MAKE OR BREAK your ability to effectively present your solutions to clients… and the little-known strategy for achieving this state with every client.
  • The different DISC personality types will be revealed, and you’ll learn:
    • How to recognise them,
    • How to listen to them,
    • How to talk to them, and
    • How to sell to them!
  • The 4 animals that distinguish human behaviours… it’ll change the way you look at your business partner & colleagues forever!
  • The 6 Core Human Needs and how to determine people’s key drivers and the buying motives of every client by identifying their 2 core needs.
  • How to “mindmap” a potential client in minutes – this is PRICELESS, as your ability to make money is directly correlated to your ability to read people.
  • A completely new sales paradigm that will renew or spark your passion for selling, and have you never fear entering into a sales conversation with a client again!
Nothing Beats Action’s Instant Impact Sales Workshops are best booked via a complimentary “Skyrocket Your Sales” consultation, so that we can determine your needs and provide the ultimate solution for you and your team!
Click here now to enquire about our Sales Training Workshop Series and get a FULL OUTLINE of our training content and deliverables.