Are you ready to be an extraordinary sales expert?
It’s Time to Smash ALL Sales Records
(Yes, That Means YOU!) 





Many people simply don’t realize the impact that their ability to sell has on their business, and their life…
You see, an easy sales conversion system takes that weight of the world OFF your shoulders as a bread-winner or business owner.
Predictable cashflow brings new opportunities, new toys (who else wants a BMW series 3?), and a newfound sense of happiness in the business.
Becoming a sales expert is all about having the confidence AND the skills to deliver the high-value solutions that your CLIENTS so desperately want and need. (It’s NOT about sticking to routine sales scripts or doing what you’ve always done)
If you truly want to help more clients (and make more money!), it’s time to discover the Super Charged Sales System that will make a difference to your business and life forever – via the 2 distinct coaching packages outlined below!
Supercharge Sales Coaching Sessions
This is a fully flexible, package of 6 X 60-minute, 1-to-1 sales  

coaching sessions with Sharon Byrne. This package is designed for busy professionals and business owners who want to schedule their sessions on an “as you need them” basis to suit their own learning and implementation curve and key business or career milestones.

Sharon will undertake a thorough assessment with you prior to the commencement of your first session to gauge your current knowledge and skill set, so that she can deliver the recommendations that will have the biggest impact on your results in the shortest period possible. Sharon will structure each subsequent session around the strategies that will have the biggest impact on your results – specific to YOUR current situation at that time.
Typical Coaching Outcomes:
  • The acquisition of NEW sales strategies and a tailored sales “toolbox” to use
  • Quick and permanent corrections of your biggest sales mistakes
  • Increased confidence and guided implementation tools and structures
  • Fast results and an unbelievable ROI on your coaching investment!
These hard-hitting coaching sessions come at unbeatable value for this level of direct assess to one of Australia’s industry leaders, and are unlikely to remain in the success store at this price for long – so be sure to book YOUR sessions quick!
Click here to order online and secure your 1-on-1 sessions with Sharon NOW!
Platinum Sales Breakthrough Coaching Program
This is our premium sales coaching program for professionals and business owners that want to improve their business results NOW and FOREVER! There is absolutely nothing else like this in the marketplace and the calibre of coaching and content you will receive guarantees transformation in your business and life!
This is an intensive, holistic, and fully personalised program delivered by the Nothing Beats Action team over a 6 or 12-month program and is especially designed for accountants, coaches, consultants, sales executives and business owners who sell professional services.
Here’s a taste of what you receive…
  • Face-to-face site visits at your business premises, where we review your current sales process, stats, selling tools and synergy. This give us a snapshot of your current situation, opportunities for instant improvement, and the exact nature of training and tools to suit YOUR business needs.
  • 1-to-1 Monthly Sales Coaching Sessions with Sharon Byrne. Delivered via Skype, this provides you with hard-hitting strategies, actions, and alignement with your sales goals. These sessions with Sharon are intense and designed to create fast momentum.
  • 1-to-1 Monthly Performance Coaching Sessions with Sharon Byrne. Delivered via Skype, this gives you the holistic support you need to implement what you have learnt with Sharon through an affirmative mindset, addressing and redirecting any doubts, fears or limiting beliefs, and enabling you to remain balanced on your journey to the top!
  • Tailor-made Sales Scripts and Systems for your Business, which will enable you and your team to consistently and predictably create winning sales results in your business. These will be designed especially for your business by Sharon Byrne, drawing on her years of expertise and hundreds of winning templates in the field to personalize your very own system that sells!
  • Your Extended Disc Personal Analysis and Review, which will give you instant insights into your own communication and behavioural style, as well as that of each and every one of your clients! This is your access into a new way of relating to people and the beginning of a new service paradigm that means you’ll never feel like a pushy sales person again (and, your prospects will finally feel like you understand them!)
  • Access to Cutting-edge Sales Training Resources from the Nothing Beats Action sales success library – as and when you need it, to support you in your journey to sales STARdom!
Nothing Beats Action’s unique Platinum Sales Breakthrough Coaching Program is for executives and business owners who are tired of achieving lacklustre results, feeling stressed about sales, and not having a fail-proof plan for success.
This program is for people for are READY and committed to having their best sales year in business EVER.
Participation in the Platinum Sales Breakthrough Coaching Program is by application only, and full details are available via a free “Skyrocket Your Sales” consultation with Sharon Byrne. Click here now to use the ‘contact us’ form to express your interest in finding out how YOU can benefit from this powerful program.
But be warned: Sharon Byrne does not do beige!
Sharon will give you the tough love you need to break through your own barriers and self-imposed ceilings. She is renowned for her level of commitment to her clients and she is relentless in her pursuit of your success, which means you will be pushed to succeed – so that not even you can stand in your own way!
Please view the testimonial page for Nothing Beats Action to hear from more of our happy clients!
How can you quickly gauge NOW if you are a good candidate for our coaching programs?
Sales Coaching with Nothing Beats Action is a MUST if you:
  • Have an intense FEAR of selling (even the thought of starting a sales conversation sends shivers down your spine!) but it’s holding you back from success & money…
  • Have already attended sales training or learnt sales “how to’s” – but you’re still not seeing any real-life results for your efforts (and certainly not in a consistent, predictable way)…
  • Have a good sales track record but you’ve hit a plateau or need to get out of a sales slump FAST to get your sales back on track…
  • Are already successful but want to become a sales star who doubles or even triples your income THIS YEAR!
If you answered YES to any of the above, the Nothing Beats Action Sales Coaching programs are designed to move you forward with maximum momentum. In fact, you’ll probably be surprised to discover just how effortless selling becomes once you start applying our signature 5X5 selling systems!
We are here to help you sell, smile, and succeed everytime – contact us now to find out how.