Expand Your Team and Business Horizons!
Take your business performance to new heights with a
Powerful 1-Day Breakthrough Training Day.
Nothing Beats Action is able to facilitate the following 4 distinct peak performance training days at YOUR organization or business workplace.
Leadership Power: Influence with Passion
Participant learning outcomes:
  1. Different Styles of Leadership to encourage confidence and how to lead people as opposed to managing them.
  2. How to lead change in any organisation. How to build trust within a team and to empower it to greater efficiency.
  3. Dealing with things when they go wrong!
Etiquette Excellence: How To Impress In The 21st Century
Participant learning outcomes:
  1. Confidence to act appropriately in different situations.
  2. Clear idea of expected courtesy and manners in business.
  3. Knowledge of appropriate grooming in the first-world business arena.
  4. Understanding of the value of having an effective network.
  5. Top tips to build rapport and make contacts gravitate towards you.
  6. The chance to ask all of those grooming and etiquette questions you have always wondered about!
Personal Productivity & Effectiveness: Structured For Success
Participant learning outcomes: 

  1. How to communicate effectively.
  2. How to develop a powerful vocabulary and give your voice power.
  3. Have skills to become more assertive and identify different behaviours.
  4. How to effectively organise yourself and set goals to achieve more.
Negotiation Know-how: Achievement Strategies
Participant learning outcomes: 

  1. Clear definition of what negotiation is
  2. The ability to conduct crucial research before the meeting
  3. Strategy for successful negotiation
  4. Understanding of what forms of negotiation should be used in different situations
  5. Knowledge of which behaviours could damage the talks
  6. Ability to achieve a win/win outcome
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