Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing!

Bryan McIntyre fell into social media marketing. Previously having owned a bricks and mortar business, where he struggled to generate new business for it. So much so it wore him out, and he sold it.


This was when Bryan discovered the power of social media. On meeting a now business partner, friend and mentor who was able to generate new business for clients using social media, Bryan finally understood a way to generate new business for companies struggling to find a way. Understanding the impact owning a business which isn’t growing as quickly as you want it to, or need it to, has stuck with Bryan.


Bryan knows the desperation and dispair, and the loss of belief struggling through this can have on you as the business owner…


Market your business where your audience is spending a majority of their time…


Businesses that fail to send the right message to their audience in a way they will hear it…

  • Fail to be heard by the people who need to hear your message the most
  • Waste time and money on marketing efforts without seeing results
  • Feel like you’ve tried everthing and nothing works
  • Feel like you’re scrapping for every dollar you earn
  • Can’t get ahead

It’s time to stop struggling!


Business owners and clients who work with NBA Business Solutions:

  • Develop campaigns which bring customers to them rather than having to chase up new business
  • Develop and understand how their whole marketing strategy can work. Tie your website, your blogs, your emails, your adwords together with your social media to supercharge your marketing strategy
  • Stop throwing marketing dollars at campaigns that don’t bring new business
  • Scale their business quickly
  • Develop trust in their business due to the predictable nature of social media marketing


Bryan launched his Social Media Advertising business because he had finally found a way to generate new business for clients after years of not being able to do it himself!


The benefits of Facebook Advertising…

  • Almost 96% of Social Media Marketers say Facebook is the best return on investment of any social network
  • Business decision makers are twice as likely to be daily Facebook users
  • Facebook users on average spend nearly 30 minutes/day on the platform
  • Once people know and trust you they are 7x more likely to buy from you
  • Of surveys carried out, 52% of respondents discovered new retail products on Facebook in the last month… which rises to 78% for 18-34 year olds.


Put simply, NBA Business Solutions is unlike ANY other marketing you have done before!


We help business owners like YOU achieve your potential through…

  • Greater and more effective brand awareness
  • Greater social proof
  • Lead generation
  • A full marketing strategy
  • Social Media training


Click Here for the fastest way to get a taste of the calibre and nature of social media marketing through NBA Business Solutions – book yourself into a complimentary consultation with Bryan McIntyre

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