23 3 Steps to Sales Success
Apr 2016

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3 The 5 Biggest Mistakes that Sales People Make
Sep 2012

If you are in any form of business, you are in sales. Even if you never see clients face-to-face and work behind a computer all day, you are still in sales. It baffles me when people say that they are in business but they are not in sales.

Sales are the heartbeat and lifeline of every business. I am really passionate about sales and educating others on the art of sales.

So why do many people think that sales is a dirty word or they hates sales and sales people when it is part of our everyday business?

In my experience, it is not the sales that people hate it is the process and the steps that people need to understand to make sales successful.

Here are my “five biggest mistakes that sales people make’. Once you can master these simple five steps, your sales will increase dramatically.

The framework is so underutilised during a sales consultation. In this busy world people are really time poor and so they want to know what is the process and how long it is going to take. Make sure you frame your meeting with an agenda of what is going to happen and set some time frames up as well.

The Art of Communication
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5 Redhands Bollywood Night
Mar 2012

What an amazing and memorable night we had on Friday at Australia’s Biggest Bollywood Bash 2012!


Of course you know I always say, “Nothing Beats Action,” but I also have to say, nothing beats giving a helping hand UP to some amazing and courageous women. My Friday night partying was dedicated to helping women who are creating businesses in places and under circumstances a lot more challenging than most.

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21 Creating Breakthroughs In Your Business:
Dec 2011

Saw this great post from Dean Marinac.

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You know, sometimes you just need to face up to the fact that life and business are full of opportunities to learn. You make decisions, follow through on some things and not others and then you achieve an outcome. Sometimes that outcome is exactly what you want, sometimes it’s better, and sometimes it’s undesirable.
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23 How much business profits did your business BURN last year?
Jul 2011

Recently, I had the pleasure of running a 2-day sales training workshop for a proactive accounting firm in Bendigo.

I was delighted to hear the feedback that within a week of attending this workshop, a partner from this firm went on to significantly increase annual fees from one client from just ONE conversation.

In fact, here’s what he wrote me:

“As a result of using just one of the strategies Sharon suggested, on the first day after our training, I was able to “sell” two projects to my clients resulting in profits of double what our investment with Sharon was. Return on Investment 200% in one day!!! The best part was that the clients are absolutely delighted to be doing these projects with us.”

I was so excited to hear about this fantastic result (although not surprised!)

But it got me to thinking…..

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Peter Cox Peter Cox
Peter Cox Business Solutions
“I had the absolute pleasure to listen to the most outstanding speaker I ......
Meegan Dunne Meegan Dunne
Spencers Accountants Pty Ltd
“As a practicing accountant, I had never sold anything before in my ......
Claire Grlj Claire Grlj
Wealthy Frog
“When we first met Sharon, we thought our conversion rates between ......
Trent Taylor Trent Taylor
Business Growth Strategist
“Sharon Byrne is electrifying on stage! Her commitment to do whatever it ......
Chris Waterson Chris Waterson
May Partners Pty Ltd
Our accounting team has just finished an awesome couple of days training with Sharon........  
Kristina Mills Kristina Mills
International Writers and Consultants Academy
“Sharon is a force of nature. Her passion, positivity, drive and enthusiasm are ........
Simon Starr Simon Starr
Business Coach
\"For someone to succeed, they invariably need something to believe in,..........
Steve Salvia Steve Salvia
Southern Financial Strategies
“You have had a major impact on the success of my firm from the time I first ......
Andrew Robertson Andrew Robertson
Business Coach
“I would recommend that every coach/strategist spends at........
Debbie Riddiford Debbie Riddiford
Business Coach
“Sharon has a natural ability that is second to none on how.........
Wayne Bolin Wayne Bolin
Bolins Accountants
“Sitting in with Sharon has been an eye opener. As an accountant I ........
Bronwyn Price Bronwyn Price
10X Far North Queensland
“Training was fabulous. It was the best sales-focused training I ..........
Carl Spruyt Carl Spruyt
New Zealand
Well we just had a week with Sharon wowing us with her energy and genuine interest in helping myself,
Wayne Zwar Wayne Zwar
Head of National Sales Consulting - Commonwealth Bank Head Office
Sharon is an amazing strategist. She steps back and looks at every part of the business lifecycle to analyse opportunities requiring solutions – sales tools, training, sales data etc.
Darryl Jess  Darryl Jess
Member of the Victorian Regional Council - Institute of Chartered Accountants
Sharon would be one of the most highly focused people I have ever met. That Focus enables her to deliver outstanding results.