How much business profits did your business BURN last year?

Recently, I had the pleasure of running a 2-day sales training workshop for a proactive accounting firm in Bendigo.

I was delighted to hear the feedback that within a week of attending this workshop, a partner from this firm went on to significantly increase annual fees from one client from just ONE conversation.

In fact, here’s what he wrote me:

“As a result of using just one of the strategies Sharon suggested, on the first day after our training, I was able to “sell” two projects to my clients resulting in profits of double what our investment with Sharon was. Return on Investment 200% in one day!!! The best part was that the clients are absolutely delighted to be doing these projects with us.”

I was so excited to hear about this fantastic result (although not surprised!)

But it got me to thinking…..

If this is what’s possible from just ONE conversation after sales training – what would be possible in a firm if they applied what I taught in EVERY client conversation?

If your firm currently has 200 clients, then you have 200 opportunities RIGHT NOW to boost your revenue. And, might I add, the opportunity to make your clients happier and help them grow their businesses at the same time!

You see, the reason why what I teach is so effective is that it is really all about LISTENING to your clients and UNDERSTANDING them, so that you can suggest the solutions that they truly WANT (not what you think they want).

When you practice what I teach, you soon discover that “selling” is not really about selling at all… it’s about serving.

Now, you may be thinking that you’ve heard that “sales is service” concept bandied about by other industry experts before. BUT I can promise you that hearing it and experiencing and applying it are two completely different things altogether.

Which is why I don’t just teach theory. I create simulated learning experiences that enable accountants to experience this in a way that they have never experienced it before.

Trust me, anyone who’s ever attended one of my workshops can vouch for this: they’re INTENSE, and they create life-changing paradigm shifts for participants.

You see, I personally don’t believe that attending another “sit back and listen” seminar is likely to make that much of a difference to your firm. After all, you’ve been to plenty of those already right?

So, if you’d like to find out more about what WILL make the difference this year, you can:

I’m not really a numbers person, but I know that 2-20 lost sales opportunities in a month, over the course of the year, adds up to A LOT…

Make 2011 the year that you stop burning your profits in lost sales, lost returns, and lost client service opportunities…

Good luck!

Sharon Byrne,

Director – Nothing Beats Action

About The Author

Sharon Byrne

Co-founder & Director of Nothing Beats Action Australia’s Most Dynamic Sales Trainer & Human Behaviour Specialist

Sharon helps coaches, consultants, franchises and professional services firms effectively sell their professional services, create breakthrough sales results, and boost profits like never before.

Sharon is a Practising Sales Coach and Certified Extended DISC Profiler. With a history of 16 years direct sales experience, since 2008 Sharon has since gone on to deliver more than 90 live workshops, presentations and mastermind trainings, all while personally coaching hundreds of people to sell high-ticket programs AND continuing to maintain her own conversion rates in the field.

sharon@nothingbeatsaction.com.au | http://nothingbeatsaction.com.au

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