Extended DISC Personal Analysis

Report and Coaching Session Information
Extended DISC Personal Analysis
This is the primary behavioural analysis tool in the Extended DISC suite, completed via a 10-minute web-based assessment that results in a comprehensive, fully customised 24-page report.
Each analysis provides you with:
  • A description of the person as they might be seen by others including their key attributes, motivators, ideal manager, communication and decision making style.
  • A summary of their motivators, strengths, development areas and areas they would prefer to avoid or delay.
  • A graphical description of the person’s natural behavioural characteristics
  • A “behaviour map” (Extended DISC Diamond) of the person’s natural behavioural style and their flexibility zones to illustrate where the candidate can most easily modify their behaviour.
  • A diagram of the person’s natural behavioural style alongside a diagram of how they adjust their behaviour to adapt to the perceived needs of their current environment, plus a “Present Situation” report.
  • 10 additional Style Assessment pages that relate the Personal Analysis results to a more specific behavioural style and their requirements in certain organisational roles.
Extended DISC Personal Analysis is designed to provide information that makes an impact, is actionable and, most importantly, has a positive impact on performance!
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Extended DISC Personal Analysis 2-hour Skype “Unpacking” Coaching Session
Have you ever been given a thick report and wondered where to start? Discovered that the content was pure gold but your tired brain just needed a quick explanation and some implementation pointers specific to your situation?
We understand! That’s exactly why we created this high-value, 2-hour Skype “Unpacking” Coaching Session to accompany your Extended DISC Personal Analysis.
While the Extended DISC Reports are an easy-to-read, invaluable reference tool, behavioural profiling is a complex science that takes years of training to fully master – so your report may include subtleties and nuances that may not immediately be obvious to you from the first reading of your report.
Since the implications of your personal profile (and how you relate to others) are significant – they can easily make or break your success – it makes sense then, to take the time upfront to invest in your own understanding.
Sharon Byrne delivers these “unpacking” coaching sessions to you personally via Skype, and contribute their years of expertise and real-life application to make recommendations specific to your current business or work situation that have you see an immediate difference in your level of results!
Our promise is simple: You will be blown away by what you learn about yourself. This 2-hour, fully personalized session is guaranteed to be one of those light bulb, “A-ha”, watershed moments in your own personal and professional development journey!
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Extended DISC 1-day Training
If you want to fast track the performance of your entire team, we have a 1-day training package that includes an Extended DISC Personal Analysis for each team member, and a full day in-house training and a team DISC mind map.
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