Did you know that your ability to “read” people
is the #1 thing standing
between you and sales success?
…Or that your communication and leadership skills are the biggest factors
in having your team and business achieve peak performance?
We do.
Which is why we’re committed to bringing you cutting-edge communication tools and training that enables you to:
  • Understand other people’s communication styles (so you’ll know the right way – and the only way – you should approach your boss or that prospective client…)
  • Understand your OWN communication style (trust us, this is a defining ‘light bulb’ moment when you finally get to see yourself as others do! PLUS what you need to do next to maximise your results!)
  • Use language and behaviour to your ADVANTAGE every time, all the time – no matter what your personality style is.
  • Exert influence and LEAD people when it matters… during a sales conversation, during that important meeting, or even the next time you want that special someone to say YES!
  • Maximise harmony, minimise conflict, and increase productivity in your team (and how to successfully screen new applicants to fit your winning team culture)
Nothing Beats Action provides a range of profiling, analysis and training solutions for your business utilising the world’s fastest growing behavioural analysis & assessment system: Extended DISC.
What is Extended DISC?
Extended DISC is a powerful behavioural profiling assessment tool based on the internationally recognized four-quadrant model of DISC.
The letters in DISC represent four basic personality styles:
D – Dominance (Results Oriented)
I – Influence (People Oriented)
S – Steadiness (Calm)
C – Conscientiousness (Precise)
Extended DISC assessments are based on concepts of human behaviour that are widely accepted around the world, and provide a roadmap of the behavioural characteristics that impact on our work, our judgments and our interactions with other people.
Extended DISC recognizes 160 different behavioural styles and can generate over 228 million different text pages. The system is independently validated, is available in over 50 languages and used in many countries by some of the word’s largest and most successful organizations.
Reports can be generated and accessed online, and applications include sales, communication and interaction skills training, leadership development and much more.
How it Works
The Extended DISC system is perfectly suited to the professional services market, with a suite of integrated tools for enhancing individual, team and business performance.
The foundation of the suite, and the primary behavioural analysis tool, is the Extended DISC Personal Analysis. This consists of a 10-minute web-based assessment, where the data is collated to generate a comprehensive, fully customised 24-page report. The assessment is easy for the user to complete but the advanced profiling software system provides a highly accurate and applicable insight into the individual’s behaviour style and communication patterns.
Other key analysis and assessment tools in the Extended DISC suite include the Work Pair Analysis, the Team Analysis, and the Open 360 platform. These tools provide an astounding insight into team dynamics, the strengths development areas of the team, and of course opportunities for enhancement.
Getting Started with Extended DISC
All Extended DISC products share a common framework based on the Personal Analysis, creating interrelated, multi-purpose applications that save you time and money and create breakthrough results… FAST!
Click the links below to learn more about each Extended DISC tool and get started online:
Personal Analysis
Workpair Analysis
Team Analysis
Open 360
Nothing Beats Action also provides Extended DISC Training Workshops for businesses and teams as part of an Extended DISC analysis or to accompany your sales training workshop. Click here to find out more about our workshops.
Why Choose Sharon?
As an Extended DISC International consultant and distributor, Sharon provides DISC consulting, training and certification on the full product line of online and web-based tools. However, we are NOT your average behavioural profiling organization…
Sharon’s background and proven history in creating breakthrough sales results and facilitating breakthrough peak performance. Sharon Byrne’s Extended Disc profiling expertise, in combination with a stellar sales career & results-orientated coaching in the field, make her a uniquely qualified communication, rapport, and relationship builder.
Sharon’s Extended DISC coaching “unpacking” sessions and Extended DISC workshops incorporate her signature 5X5 training systems, breakthrough coaching methodology, and laser-sharp focus on the information that is going to make the biggest difference to YOUR results.
This is the basis for the Nothing Beats Action philosophy that Sharon adopts, and our Extended DISC training days, held in succession with our Instant Impact Training Days, create EXPERT sales conversions in the field, unparalleled levels of influence, and instantly applicable and transferable communication skills.