The Art of Influence:
Understanding The 4 Quadrants of Human Behaviour
Discover the secrets to human behaviour that will help you build rapport quickly and influence the outcome of ANY conversation or relationship!
Nothing Beats Action’s Extended DISC Training Workshops are designed to:
  • Enhance team communication, synergy, satisfaction and performance…. We facilitate a collective “A-ha” moment that will create empathy, understanding, and collaboration in your team like never before.
  • Improve your ability to lead and command a high-performing team. (You’ll know exactly how to communicate with your team members in order to produce the best results. No more guessing or ongoing frustrations!)
  • Deliver profound insights and heightened levels of self-awareness applicable across all other areas of personal and professional development.
  • Boost client conversions and cashflow in your business – because your team now have the communication skills to read, understand, and deliver exactly what each client wants!
At Nothing Beats Action, we provide in-house Extended DISC training workshops for businesses as a stand-alone 1-day team behaviour and communication package or in conjunction with one of our high-impact sales training days. We assess your needs and decide the configuration of your business training package together during a complimentary consultation.
Here’s just a small sampling of what you’ll learn at our Extended DISC Art of Influence Workshops:
  • An overview of DISC profiling, an introduction to Extended DISC, and how to interpret each Extended DISC profile.
  • How to build and develop your own Mind Map of each DISC quadrant – and how to review your TEAM mind map!
  • The four different DISC behavioural types will be explored in detail, where you’ll discover:
    • How to recognise them,
    • How to listen to them,
    • How to talk to them, and
    • How to sell to them!
  • Why people act the way they do (and what to do about it!)… We delve into the strengths and weaknesses of each behavioural style and how to effectively communicate with each.
  • The 4 animal personalities that distinguish human behaviours… it’ll change the way you look at your business partner & colleagues forever!
  • The secrets of the 5 buying signals of your clients, and which DISC to use when. (This has the biggest effect on your ability to have conversations that CLOSE with your clients!)
  • How to combine VAK (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic) modalities with DISC for maximum impact.
  • How to implement Extended DISC with your team and clients.
PLUS, depending on the workshop package that you choose, you’ll receive:
  • Customised Coaching Workbook for debriefing DISC Profiles
  • PowerPoint slides to use after the workshop
  • Personalised 24-page DISC Behavioural Profile for each participant
  • A FREE separate personal coaching session for each participant to help
    you understand your DISC profile and your behaviour
  • Ongoing Extended DISC advice and support via Phone and Skype
Spending this level of quality time with one of Nothing Beats Action’s Extend DISC accredited consultants and Trainers WILL:
  • Fully empower you understand and utilise the DISC quadrants of Human Behaviour
  • Give you a level of self awareness and awareness of others that will transform the way you operate FOREVER
  • Give you the edge when it comes to dealing with human emotions and behaviour (the key to stress-free working and client relationships)
All Extended DISC in-house training, including The Art of Influence: Understanding the 4 Quadrants of Human Behaviour, are available for booking via a complimentary consultation with the Nothing Beats Action Team.
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