Want to be coached by the best,
send your sales soaring,
and secure the future of your business or career?
Meet Sharon Byrne:
Founder & Director of Nothing Beats Action Australia’s Most Dynamic Sales Trainer & Human Behaviour Specialist
Sharon helps coaches, consultants, franchises and professional services firms effectively sell their professional services, create breakthrough sales results, and boost profits like never before.
Sharon is a practising Sales Coach and Certified Human Behaviour Specialist. With a history of 20 years direct sales experience, Sharon has delivered hundreds of live training workshops, presentations and mastermind sessions, all while personally coaching hundreds of people to sell high-ticket programs.
Those who know Sharon can confirm she is an EXPERT at turning scared sales beginners into seasoned pros, and high-achievers into industry superstars!
Create Breakthrough Results FAST
Examples of Sharon’s work and what’s possible for YOUR business:
  • Increased conversion rates from the target of 30% to a massive 79% across a network of 60+ franchises as the National Sales Trainer
  • After a 2-day workshop with Sharon, accounting firm May Partners achieved a 200% Return on Investment in just one day via 2 new client projects
  • Doubled sales at Wealthyfrog by bringing the conversion rate up to 80% OVERNIGHT
  • Using Sharon’s signature selling system, a Ballarat-based accountant effortlessly converted a prospective client into $18,000 of new business development fees on the spot during a complimentary consultation (in her first ever attempt at “selling”!)
Sharon’s promise is simple:
“Empowering you to sell, succeed and smile every time!”
Affectionately referred to by those she coaches as the Sales Warrior Princess, Sharon is relentless in her pursuit of YOUR success (not even you can stand in your own way!).
She’ll push your boundaries while holding your hand and making it all seem like more fun than you ever thought imaginable… by the time Sharon’s done you’ll be a results machine who finds selling easy AND enjoyable.
Now you too can benefit from Sharon’s high-energy, high-impact, and highly acclaimed training style… results guaranteed!
“I became a coach & trainer to help change the state of business in Australia.
It absolutely breaks my heart to see good business owners struggling, or service businesses going broke simply because they could not get enough sales through the door…
…It doesn’t have to be this way, and my commitment is to give you the keys to unlock your own true potential.
In fact, I can teach you how to get any client you want, and using my sales techniques you can predictably start out-performing all past sales results, TOMORROW.”
Don’t waste another precious minute (or potential sale!)
Being trained by Sharon Byrne is likely the best investment you’ll ever make in your career or business.
The sales and communication skills you’ll learn will instantly translate into more clients in your business, higher customer engagement and retention, enhanced team synergy and productivity (not to mention happiness!) and importantly, the tools to read and influence anyone you meet.
Become a Sales Star TODAY
Sharon Byrne is a Director of Nothing Beats Action, and a Practising Sales Coach, Accredited EDISC Profiler, Certified NLP Practitioner and Trained Life Coach .
Click here to request your complimentary consultation with Sharon and discover what’s possible for you AND your business!