Nothing Beats Action!

Sharon Byrne established Nothing Beats Action in response to the growing demand from the professional services sector for breakthrough sales training and client communication strategies.
Over the years, Sharon noticed that the vast majority of professional service providers – firms both large and small, consultancies and even coaches– simply had no idea how to effectively communicate with potential clients!
Lost Sales, Lost Time and Lost PROFITS…
Businesses that fail to demonstrate and articulate the value of their services repeatedly:
  • Fail to convert prospective enquiries into paying clients
  • Waste time and money on marketing efforts without seeing results
  • Sell clients into entry level services instead of premium programs
  • Dread “selling” and suffered from a lack of confidence
  • Operate far below their peak potential
In fact, these businesses often struggle to turn a decent profit… while at the same time, their prospective clients walk away disappointed and current clients feel they don’t receive enough value or help!
It’s time to stop struggling!
Business owners and clients who work with Nothing Beats Action:
  • Convert prospects into clients like clockwork
  • Sign clients into programs worth 10 times more than what they had previously been offering (and their clients happily say YES)
  • Become sales magnets – even without prior training or experience!
  • Find selling easy, enjoyable AND personally rewarding (can you imagine that?)
  • Achieve previously impossible results in their business – effortlessly!
Sharon launched Nothing Beats Action because it is their mission to help EVERY professional service provider achieve these sorts of results in their business!
Nothing Beats Action’s signature combination of sales, communication and behavioural constructs are not taught anywhere else in the world – after years of exclusive licensing, they are now available for you to use in YOUR business.
Nothing Beats Action is uniquely positioned to help professional service providers via:
  • A distinct set of insights & communication tools that make up your very own sales toolbox, setting you up for success forever. (No fluff, no hype, and no unusable theories…)
  • Training that creates a complete Paradigm Shift, easily transforming everything you do with your prospective and current clients
  • Methodologies that are tried-and-tested across hundreds of clients and a wide range of industries – we guarantee that they will work for you too!
  • A commitment to your success. That is, we do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to have you winning the sales game in your business.
Put simply, Nothing Beats Action is unlike ANY other sales training organisation in Australia – or anything that you’ve tried in your business before.
We help business owners like YOU achieve your potential through:
  • 1-to-1 Sales Coaching programs
  • Group Sales Training Sessions & Workshops
  • Extended DISC Personal & Team Profiling
  • Extended DISC & Communications Training
  • Leadership Workshops and Corporate Training
  • Peak Performance Programs
Cutting Edge Strategies from the LEADERS in the Field.
Sharon Byrne is Australia’s Most Dynamic Sales Trainer & EDISC Profiler – her expertise in the field, breakthrough training style, and signature sales systems are unrivalled in Australia. Nothing Beats Action is expertly positioned to offer a wide range of programs and products that cover the full spectrum of peak performance training for you and your business.
The fastest way to way for you to get a taste of the calibre and nature of sales & communication training packages available through Nothing Beats Action, is to book yourself into a complimentary consultation with Sharon Byrne. You can do that online here now.
And don’t forget to claim your Free Audio Training CD from Sharon – it’s our gift to your business to help get you started on your journey to sales success! Click here now to download your free ‘The 3 Biggest Sales Myths that are Costing You Millions in Lost Clients, Commissions & Cashflow” audio.
Nothing Beats Action is an accredited

provider of Extended Disc profiling

and training solutions.

Nothing Beats Action proudly supports Buy1Give1,

contributing a percentage of all profits to worthy

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effective 1-for-1 system.